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August 2016

Interview with Maria Segantini

Italian architect Maria Alessandra Segantini and the kitchen @home designed by her firm c+s architects play a central role in Hawa's latest corporate movie. Furthermore, c+s is currently exhibiting the "eduCARE" structure at the Biennale in Venice.

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October 2015

Interview with the family Haab

The anniversary interview with family members about Hawa, the family company. Founding pioneer Otto Haab and his son Gregor join founding pioneer Karl Haab and his son Heinz to look back and explain what it is that defines Hawa’s success.

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May 2015

Interview with Rainer Hofmann

Rainer Hofmann, proprietor of "bogevischs buero" firm of architects in Munich, banks on the quality of common areas and a flexible design for his concepts for student accommodation.

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August 2014

Interview with C+S architects

Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini established their own architects firm, C+S architects, back in 1994. The office based in the north Italian town of Treviso works in various fields of architecture on an international basis. This year's Milan Furniture Fair saw the presentation of their kitchen @home that they developed for Italian kitchen manufacturer Elmar – a concept that attracted a lot of attention.

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October 2013

Marianne Burkhalter

Marianne Burkhalter and Christian Sumi have shaped modern timber construction in Switzerland for the past 20 years. In this interview, Marianne Burkhalter explains why she decided to work with wood in the first place and how the material still defines the work of Burkhalter Sumi Architekten to this day.

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July 2013

Kitchen comeback

During the course of the 20th century, the kitchen changed from the one-time social center of the house to a separate cooking laboratory and back again to the center of life at home.

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October 2012

Prof. Michael Schumacher

Prof. Michael Schumacher explains in an interview why he finds moving elements on building facades so fascinating and how he adds esthetic and architectural significance to moving facade elements to complement their technical and functional necessity.

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May 2012

Building culture in Japan

Flexible room concepts can look back on a long tradition in Japan and are still an essential component of modern Japanese architecture. For instance, futons disappear behind sliding cabinet doors during the daytime, and sliding doors close off the sleeping quarters during the night.

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November 2011

Vera Gloor

Vera Gloor explains in an interview how the inhabitants of a city apartment can personalize the floor plan of their home thanks to flowing room concepts.

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September 2011

Structural redevelopment

In most cases, building in Switzerland means structural redevelopment. Creativity and new room concepts lead to interesting and individualized solutions – despite structural restrictions.

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January 2011

Graber und Steiger

Niklaus Graber speaks about the project Villa on Lake Zug and why architecture has a right to be subjectively influenced.

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October 2010

Temporary existence

Trends in society often find reflection in hotel architecture. For years, globalization has left its mark of standardization in the interiors of large hotel chains in particular, but now the focus is returning to aspects that are more personal, authentic and defined by local culture.

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